“My confidence in permafrost and its effectiveness is such that I am using this product in my home
as well as at Mike Calvert Toyota.”
Mike Calvert, Owner, Mike Calvert Toyota


Permafrost Provides Increased Comfort and Savings for Vehicle Owners

Running your air conditioner at max causes your vehicle to burn more gas.  You will never be able to turn off you’re A/C in the summer and stay comfortable but,  with the addition of Permafrost in your A/C you will be able to have it run at lower fan speeds with out compromising comfort levels.  Permafrost improves the cooling capacity of the A/C system causing the air exiting the vents to be 2 - 10 degrees colder and up to 20% less humid.  Your vehicle will cool down faster and the A/C will not work as hard to keep you comfortable.   With gas prices on the rise, any increase in fuel economy will save you money.   


What Permafrost Can Do For You

  • Reach comfortable temperatures faster in a hot car that has been sitting in the sun
  • Reduce the air temperature coming out of the vents up to 20%
  • Reduce the humidity in your car
  • Run the A/C at lower fan speeds
  • Run the A/C at higher temperatures with out compromising comfort

Any type of transportation vehicle with an air conditioning system

  • Passenger automobiles,
  • Buses, RV’s
  • Large trucks,
  • Off-road vehicles,
  • Trains,
  • Boats

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