"After the product was introduced into the system, the energy consumption dropped by 57%"
"TDCJ alone would save nearly $5 million per year across our 130+ locations"
Brian Stafford, Refrigeration & HVAC Specialist, Program Administrator II,
Texas Department of Criminal Justice


Permafrost Offers Savings For Commercial Businesses

Rising operating cost due to increasing energy prices is a major concern for businesses today.  With the rising price of natural gas, utility companies have increased their rates.  This has directly cut into company’s profit margins.  Air conditioning and refrigeration can account for up to 60% of a company’s energy consumption. 


Permafrost will help you overcome increasing energy costs by reducing the energy consumption of your A/C and refrigeration equipment.. Permafrost is an environmentally safe treatment for your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

What Permafrost can do for you:

  • Permafrost will Increase energy efficency of all types of A/C and refrigeration system
  • Reduce the energy consumption of your A/C equipment by 10% - 40% +, resulting in savings on your utility bill.
  • Reduce unscheduled maintenance by improving seal integrity and reducing friction (wear & tear) in compressor
  • Increase Comfort by reducing vent temperature and humidity levels
  • Reduce A/C & refrigeration run time
  • Improve ice production in ice machines up to 50%
  • Provide quieter equipment operation
  • Reduce green house gasses and help conserve limited natural resources  

Facts about Permafrost:

  • Tested under EPA, ASHRAE, NSF and ARI  standards
  • Permafrost has proven to improve any type of commercial A/C or refrigeration equipment, new or old, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • No down time during installation, takes less than an hour, and the results can be immediate.
  • No mechanical modifications to the system is necessary
  • Return on Investment (ROI) in 6 to 18 months depending on use and type of equipment

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