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MVP Mechanical is one of the first HVAC companies to offer you the revolutionary efficiency capabilities of Permafrost. Permafrost is specifically engineered to enhance the overall performance of any A/C and refrigeration system without modification or alterations. This advanced proprietary molecular technology relys on highly activated thermo-conductive compounds. Does Permafrost have to be added to my A/C system every year? Can Permafrost leak out of my A/C system?

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Tree Service Trimming Stump Removal Orange County

Clear your yard and increase the value of your property. Free estimates. Tree specialists for Los Angeles, CA and surrounding area.

Tree Stumps Removal Grinding Service

We dig down below the surface of the topsoil to remove them. Let a professional get rid of them. Southern California Specialists.

A Unique Drywall

Specialize in construction of metal frame, drywall, ceilings, Stucco and EIFS. We work with commercial, institutional, and multi-family housing.

Dirty Filters

We offer commercial grade Camfil Farr heating and air contitioning filters to residential or commercial customers at a reasonable price.


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