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MVP Mechanical is one of the first HVAC companies to offer you the revolutionary efficiency capabilities of Permafrost. Permafrost is specifically engineered to enhance the overall performance of any A/C and refrigeration system without modification or alterations. This advanced proprietary molecular technology relys on highly activated thermo-conductive compounds. Does Permafrost have to be added to my A/C system every year? Can Permafrost leak out of my A/C system?

“After having Permafrost installed in to my home for a month and a half, I compared my electric bill to the same month last year. I used 10% less Kilowatt Hours. My thermostat is set at the same temperature as last year. Also after checking the average outside temperature for the month it was also the same as last year."

Rodney Christ , Houston TX




Permafrost Offers Savings For Homeowners

Running your home air conditioner can account for up to 60% of the energy consumption in your home. Due to the increasing cost of natural gas energy providers have increased their rates. This has caused homeowners electric bills to dramatically increase. 

Permafrost is a one time, environmentally safe, affordable treatment for your air conditioning system.  Permafrost will help overcome increasing energy costs, reduce your energy consumption, and reduce the humidity in your home.. 

What Permafrost Can Do for You:

  • Permafrost will Increases energy efficency of any central A/C system
  • Reduce the energy consumption of your A/C equipment by 10% - 40% +, resulting in savings on your utility bill.
  • Reduce unscheduled maintenance by improving seal integrity and compressor life 
  • Increase Comfort in your home by reducing vent temperature and humidity levels
  • Reduce A/C equipment run time by improving efficiency
  • Reduce pollution and help conserve limited natural resources  

Permafrost has been successfully reducing energy consumption of homes and buildings since 2001.  This one time treatment is an inexpensive way to reduce your energy cost and increase comfort levels in your home.   Typically permafrost pays for its self with in the first 6 to 18 months, depending on usage, age and condition of you’re A/C system.

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